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Our parquet

We produce parquet floors of proven high-quality, starting from the best essences given by the customer and matching them with carefully chosen and tested plywood in order to guarantee a final product of high-quality. With our working method and support, you will see no unwanted surprises! Thanks to the internal control of the entire working cycle, the final result means perfect and enduring parquet floors of high-stability. We respect the environment by using glues conforming to the European norms EN 16000-9.

Our specialization is the production of stands of birch plywood with the sector system. Birch was chosen due to its high specific weight compared to many other types of wood and its resulting greater heat transmission.

We chose sector system because the classic system of two or three milled layers does not make the product flexible enough. Through our sector system of construction, the final product achieves the right balance between flexibility and rigidity.

Thanks to that, we obtain a parquet which adapts itself completely to the foundation or not-perfectly-built floors, being able to choose between the floating laying (and in some cases without the air mattress) or the classic laying with glue.

Birch sectioning

Birch squaring and manufacturing.


Preparation of the sector support.


Preparation of blades (smoothed and controlled).


The blade is glued to the birch support.


Making the product (smooth or brushed).


Painting for manufacturing purposes.

📖 Product study

We study innovative products for the customer.


We are always improving the production of parquet.


Control of the quality of materials given by the customer.

👍 Warranty

100% guaranteed product with innovative techniques.

🛆 Production

The product is entirely manufactured in Italy.

🎓 Experience

Twenty-year experience in wood.


Via Maniago, 19/A - San Quirino PN

Phone: + 39 0434 919099


Address: Via Maniago, 19/A

City: San Quirino PN 33080

Phone: + 39 0434 919099

Fax: +39 0434 962975


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